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I am extremely organized and carefully follow daily routines

I am quiet and enjoy observing the world around me from a distance

 I am almost always optimistic, even when others may be upset

I am considered a people person

I am an objective logical thinker who solves problems through proven facts and numbers

I often have trouble understanding the opposite sex

I am sensitive and care what others say and think about me

I have many acquaintances who know me, but not many close friends

I like being attractive and having sex often are top priorities for me

 I am hard on myself and focus on my negative qualities, sometimes feeling inadequate and guilty for not being better

I brush off my mistakes easily, why waste time worrying

 I am more interested in a long devoted relationship than meaningless flings

 I have a few close friends that I spend most of my time with

 I couldn't care less what people think of me, I am who I am

 I can relate fairly well with the opposite sex

I am an objective, empathetic thinker, who can sense what others are feeling around me

I am considered a loner

 I am pessimistic, even when others may be enthusiastic

I am talkative and enjoy being in, or close to, the center of the action

I am often spontaneous and widely avoid set schedules

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