Interview with Ségolène Jacmin, co-founder of FAÇON JACMIN

Interview with Ségolène Jacmin, co-founder of FAÇON JACMIN

Interview with Ségolène Jacmin – co-founder of FAÇON JACMIN

The interview has been originally published on We Love Brussels portal on January 23rd, 2020.

FAÇON JACMIN – so much more than jeans!!

FAÇON JACMIN is a Belgian fashion brand, well established in Brussels and Antwerp.

In 2016, Belgian twins Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin joined forces to create a modern denim wardrobe for women. They were awarded “Best Talent 2016” by C’est du Belge/RTBF, and a year later, in 2017 an award for “Best Emerging Talent” at the Belgian Fashion Awards.

I have met Ségolène Jacmin at their stylish studio in Saint-Gilles for an interview.

AR: FAÇON JACMIN is all about denim. You can find here creations which use this fabric in a very creative way. Why denim?

SJ: It is a fabric which becomes very personal. It adapts to you, becomes your individual piece and stays with you for many years. In my opinion denim is seriously underrated. There are so many possibilities, which we really like to explore here at FAÇON JACMIN.  We proudly break stereotypes by sophisticating denim. Our pieces are bold and delicate at the same time. We create high quality denim clothes which highlight women’s charisma and liberate their gestures.

AR: You do have a very attractive concept of denim up-cycling.

Concept is very simple, just bring your old denim clothes to our studio and you may enjoy discount on your next on-line purchase.  Later on we re-craft these pieces and create upcycled oversized denim shirts. A selection of the re-crafted denim shirts is sold online and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization “Touche Pas À Ma Pote” which fights harassment of women in public spaces.

AR: I saw a very interesting piece of knitwear in your shop. Please tell us more about it.

SJ: My sister Alexandra started researching the possibility to un-weave threads of vintage jeans and use these to hand knit a shirt. This bold idea reconciled denim with the art of knitting and started the whole new project.  Now we offer more knitted pieces, which are all dyed with natural indigo, which is a sustainable dye that doesn’t produce harmful waste and that can be composted and later used to fertilize crops. 

AR: FAÇON JACMIN has a personal approach to its creations, and to customers.

SJ: At FAÇON JACMIN we love to form lasting relationships. Denim is on permanent showcase at our Brussels studio, but during summer months a mobile boutique was on the move at Place Sainte-Catherine and also heart of Antwerp in front of the MoM. This is an excellent opportunity to meet women and exchange ideas.

We have also started DENIMIST movement. DENIMIST means to fuel women, to encourage them to do things they have never done before, through various creative projects. Recently, just two days ahead of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, we made the grounds of Brussels Central Station shake. 70 women – friends and long time clients – all dressed in FAÇON JACMIN, we were standing in the middle of the crowd to execute a 5-min performance.

AR: Please tell us about your life in Brussels. What are your favorite places in the city?

SJ: What I truly love about Brussels is its diversity. All the districts have their own style and atmosphere. We are located in Sint-Gilles, where I especially like Parvis de Saint Gilles with many lovely bars. I also love African culture, so Matonge area is the one I find wonderful.

For more information please visit and FAÇON JACMIN studio at Rue du Fort 67, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium.

Smile in a Rear View Mirror

Smile in a Rear View Mirror

Smile in a rear view mirror

Tomorrow, on the New Year, we will make plans for the future. Tradition will be fulfilled and New Year’s resolutions will be made.

Before pushing the gas and ambitious driving forward into the new year, I suggest to look in the rear view mirror.
Our memory tends to better remember negative things. Bad memories evoke more emotions and we analyse them more.

Prise the evolution for resourcefulness because we avoid mistakes!

However, it is sometimes worth looking into the rear view mirror and smile at our past. Refresh it and take luxury positive luggage on your journey to the future. I remember my daughter so happy having a waffle in the Old Town Square after site seeing Warsaw. Snoring of our cat, who fell asleep on an empty shelf in the closet and therefore could be heard throughout the house. Coffee on Monday morning with my colleagues at work. Visits of old friends and, therefore, some crazy weekends in Brussels. All the people I met, photo sessions, new colleagues – thanks to them I have gathered tons and tons of good energy. Even if some mistakes were made, let’s be glad that it’s behind us!

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