Have a break,

a coffe or whatever other drink makes you feel good, and read about wonders of modern life.

Have a look to some photos of normal street life or fashion and models.

Few minutes of twilring hair results in small doses of common sense served here as an Espresso.  I also serve here my recipe to happiness, and this is a Cafe Lungo. It works for me, maybe it works for you too?

Blogger, writer, photographer


Sometimes you may see me shooting photos on the streets of Brussels or Warsaw.

Sometimes I twirl my hair and wonder about things considered as obvious and then write about it.

Addicted to dark chocolate and tea.

Humble servant to a cat, named Zyzio.

I will re-start to play drums one day.


Blog is a challenge – that’s what they say! Challenges are good, so it’s more encouraging.

I started writing on Instagram and had to take a break. Reasons for this, I have many, exactly 12 136 (in words: a little more than twelve thousands), because I took so many photos since August last year. Then a new DSLR and a basic lenses got into my hands. Photo 0001 I made in automatic mode – it was the first and last pic like that. The result was very disappointing. Much has been happening since then. Fashion shows, photo sessions and my own artistic projects.

I present myself as a photographer and writer. I am also a mum, an employee of the European Commission, and I serve my beloved cat faithfully.

How do I find time for it all and do not feel tired (mostly, not always)?

Well, I have superpowers, I can read minds and be in several places at the same time. Of course not!

However, I found out what I want, what goals I have and I just choose activities that lead me in the right direction.

I am writing here about the approach to life and about my passions, i.e. photography and writing.

See you later!

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