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e-School – Unthinkable! And yet!

E-school – unthinkable! Impossible! And yet!

The time of corona virus epidemic and quarantine forced us to make quick changes and find advanced solutions.

Within a few days, we have implemented very advanced systems. Square-head people would take decades to enable online learning for school children.

Just a few weeks ago, the idea that a child would not get up at an inhuman time every day and go to school by bus with a heavy backpack, was unthinkable!

Now my child gets enough sleep. In addition, to my satisfaction, she sincerely complains that she is learning more than at school. At the same time, I see that she is more focused and organized.

Of course, school is not only books and tasks, but the whole community.

Direct contact with peers and teachers can not be underestimated. However, these two things can be reconciled. Find a balance. For example, meet at school three times a week and spend two days working at home. School buses will pollute the environment less and kids will know how to learn by themselves.

What scares me is parents complaining that they can’t work at work in peace, because of their children. So the current system gave us families that can’t cope when they have to spend more time together!

I think it is normal for children to understand that parents need time for things other than constantly looking after them. They don’t have to be pushed from home to school for parents to have a moment of peace. It may be worth raising children who do not get trauma just because they do not have parents all the time at their service.

e-School does not mean that parents must supervise the child’s learning up to the minute.

Let’s stop building a new generation unable to achieve knowledge on its own. During the week, my teenage child got to know how to plan her lessons, how to organize herself remotely with her colleagues, and also learned that Internet is more than just YouTube, Netflix or Facebook.

Of course, the introduction of a completely new way of teaching such as e-school, is so quickly associated with difficulties. Some teachers got lost in the technical complexities, but – which is quite comforting – they quickly caught up. School IT systems often deviate from modern standards, but you can also see that if you want, you can quickly fix it.

Let’s use this special quarantine time for exceptional achievements. For things that would normally take decades to get. E-school is one of them.

What do you think?

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