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Agree to disagree

Agree to disagree, it seems to be the best solution of any conflict in a respectful, calm way.

It also shows that we value friendship and relationship more than a difference of opinion. People see that conflict is unnecessary and decide to tolerate each others point of view.

Agree to disagree is to think by yourself and let others think too.  All people have opinions on many topics. Not all of these opinions are based on logic. People might have opinions based on emotion, other experiences , different cultures, etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean one person is right and the other person is wrong.

Agreeing to disagree doesn’t mean you have to give up your opinion. On the contrary, you simply recognize others’ right to hold a different ones. 

Well, it would be so great if everyone were civilized.

There are still people who never give up. I think you can easily identify them. These are those people who would be generally known as assholes ( yes, term “asshole” is well defined in scientific papers, so no need to feel disgusted, here is an example from Philosophers Magazine).

Have you ever experienced email ping – ponging? Someone keeps writing, copying the entire department and top management only to prove you wrong, incompetent or unprofessional.

As a civilized person you suggest a meeting to clarify details. Guess what, it turns out that the asshole has no time. Well, he has time to write all these emails, but 15 minutes face – to – face is beyond his capabilities.

Or you propose to put the issue aside for a while, and suddenly this issue is just as important as finding a cure for cancer.

The important part is, that when you are confronted with an asshole, you need to agree to disagree with yourself.

What you have to do, no matter what, is to just stop replying. Via email, phone or any other means of quarreling.  It’s hard because you make the asshole think he has won.

Now, it is very important to realize that you shouldn’t be bothered with what this asshole thinks. This is the least important thing in your life. There will be a quiet voice in your head called Mr Ego, and it will keep pushing you to defend yourself.  That’s why you need to agree to disagree with Mr Ego, and this is usually possible. If Mr Ego is an asshole, same rules apply – just stop.

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