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Street Photography – Brussels 2019

Here is a selection from my street photography collection. These photos have been taken in summer 2019 in Brussels.

In my previous post on street photography I have mentioned how capturing emotions is essential to me. Of course, I still admire photos of architecture, sunsets over a city or captivating long exposure pictures.

I write this article at the moment when we were just asked to stay at home due to covid-19 virus outbreak. In front of me two weeks without wondering on streets and without shooting. At least, I can take you back to the carefree moments from few months ago.

  1. A couple dancing in front of the main entrance to Brussels Central Station – there where big speakers installed and so happened that at this time a tango was on
  2. Kids playing chess in garden of Mont des Arts
  3. It was a really hot day and this girl was running fast the fountain just below Mont des Arts stairs
  4. Teenagers dancing by the entrance of the Convention Centre
  5. The bag says “This is great”, well, apparently it was!
  6. Family having fun by the fountain
  7. A bride to be – celebrating her last day of freedom
  8. It was not a Valentine day, but it felt like it
  9. Excellent saxophonist


  1. There’s such vibrancy to these photos – the life of it is palpable! Thank you for sharing.

    • These photos are so lovely. I love your creative ideas on each photo. Such a great post.

  2. These are awesome! I used to own a DSLR but decided to gave it to my brother because I could see that he has a lot more potential than I am. I have pursued my makeup artistry instead.

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