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Feel better immediately – 7 tips

What to do to feel better immediately and not wait for months for the effects of a healthier diet or exercise?

For sure don’t start eating unhealthy and do not change a treadmill for a sofa. However, there are a few tricks which will make waiting for the long-term results more pleasant.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Carry a book with you.

When you have a reflex to reach for the phone on a bus, in a waiting room or while drinking coffee, reach for the book. Of course, you will not carry bricks with you, but the smaller and lighter format is the most suitable.

In addition, it is also a great excuse to talk to someone. When you see someone reading a book, just start with: “The cover looks interesting. What are you reading?”.

2. Plan your personal “lazy days”.

These are the days when you get up at what time you want, wear wherever you want, eat and do what you fancy. Sometimes these days have to be arranged with the family, preferably just celebrate them together. You will feel better immediately and for the whole day.

3. Have a real Sunday and, even better, a real weekend

Sunday is a day of doing nothing unpleasant, and on Saturday you can also laze around. I try to get as many duties as possible done before the weekend – shopping, cleaning, etc. I try my best not to spend Saturday mornings in queues at the supermarket. On-line shopping is also a solution, and it’s best if they deliver on Friday.

4. Have a convenience set

Equip your car and purse. In the car we keep a bag with such things as handkerchiefs, a bottle of mineral water, cotton pad, nail file, headache pills, tampons, micellar water, comb, hand cream. The extended set can include comfortable shoes, sweatshirt and a t-shirt.

Into a purse you can put an additional vanity case with a mini set, i.e. – a few handkerchiefs, a nail file, a few headache pills, two tampons, and if possible micellar water in a small bottle. You feel better immediately when you have a sudden need to use any of these.

5. Follow nice profiles

Give up following celebrities and gossip sites. Such profiles are depressing, but are unfortunately also addictive. I can promise you will feel better immediately after clicking un-follow button. Instead follow helpers, cool bloggers (!), artists, psychologists. And if something is cool give it a like, it really helps such people and means a lot to them.

6. Throw it away

Every day, or when you recall, throw one thing away, some thing that is broken or you just don’t like. In the advanced version, you can choose to clean just one drawer.

7. People are nice

Have short chat with someone if possible  – you can thank someone, you can ask what’s going on, or just give someone a smile.

And – last but not least – Twirl your hair!

Do you have any other ideas to feel better immediately?

What do you think?

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