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Single tasking and irony of on-line reading

I got interested in single-tasking, i.e. the ability to focus on one particular thing to do. I had started reading an article on this topic. After a minute or two, I was focused only on reading, and suddenly in the corner of the screen a pop-up appeared asking me if I would like to download a free e-book about time management. Isn’t it ironic?

However, the concept is very good and it actually works. You can achieve quite good results in small steps. I started by turning off the notifications’ sound on my phone. Now I pay attention to how many times I interrupt something in order to reflexively check what’s going on there on the phone screen. This is of course an information inflow addiction and one can get out of it.

I have read some statistics that 40% of our productive time is wasted switching between one task to another. Well, as it usually is with statistics found randomly on the Internet, I have doubts about its reliability. However, even it would be 30% or even 15%, still it’s a waste of time.

There are no pop-ups on my blog. If you like my blog, you know what to do – enable notifications about new posts in your favorite social media and drop by during a coffee break!

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  1. oh my!!! I suck so so much in focusing on just one thing! I know i should and I am working towards it.

  2. I’ve heard of recent studies that have proven that multitasking is really a myth. Our minds were not made to juggle many tasks at once, not efficiently. And not if we need to give 100%. I’m relearning to focus. Your post was a great reminder 🙂

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