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Street Photography – allows to see

Many people give different definitions to street photography. Often very technical, which is quite practical if we have to classify, publish or submit works. Disputes remain, for example, whether there must be people in pictures or not. Can photos be posed or can people look into lenses.

In my opinion, there is no perfect definition, but when you see a specific photo, there is usually no doubt.

Each photographer focuses on topics that particularly attract her / him in the street. Emotions are my favorite. Recently, I read someone’s thought that “photography allows you to see”, and my friend paraphrased this sentence to “photography obliges you to see”.

Very often we go past people and do not see them. We pass crowds and details escape attention. We are focused on own thoughts or a phone. Photos capture moments we have missed. It’s good to see people as they are.

Here are some of my favorite street photography pictures, I made in Brussels in 2019.

Photos above:

  1. Taken during Police manifestation in Brussels – what’s interesting is that emotions seem not to much the event
  2. Boys waiting for a street performance to start – taken at Wolubilis in Brussels
  3. Homeless man – Brussels
  4. Two policemen playing with their dogs close to the European Parliament – well, it was nice of them to actually pose a bit for this photo!
  5. Dogs are just equal members of a party at Mont des Arts in Brussels

My other photos:

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