Notoriously helpless

I often meet people who are notoriously helpless. They are nice, popular, have good contact with everyone and avoid conflicts. However, their behavior often forces others to help.

Such a person will not ask you for help directly. She will want to do something, even help you, but she won’t know how. She will stand there helplessly, makes eyes like a Shrek’s Puss in Boots and waits for things to happen. Someone will have mercy and will willingly save her.

notoriously helpless twirling hair blog aleksandra rowicka
Photo by Aleksandra Rowicka, model: Ana-Ahez

Everyone will be thoroughly informed that this person is very busy, tired, with a constant lack of time for anything. Nobody takes into account that just disseminating this information requires spending several hours a day on phone calls or messaging.

But why do I still meet such people? Well, I’m the so-called Mrs. “fix-it”. My first reflex, even subconsciously, is to fix, helps, solve a problem. Especially when something is easy.

A friend has a problem with a ride (her car is too old, too dirty, something has broken down, leaving a garage is difficult, etc.) – I will give her a ride, because it is on my way. It turns out that after some time I am a regular private, luxury, free transport service.

I think that such people – i.e. notoriously helpless and those who reflexively help, attract each other. At first they like each other very much. Helpless one finds understanding and help, and the helper does small good deeds.

Vicious circle.
However, it can only be broken by one person who always finds a solution: Mrs. Fix-it.

What do you think?

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