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Hobby – risky game

My friend just hasn’t got a job, because her would-be employer believed that as an after hours singer, she would not be sufficiently devoted to a full-time job.

So, it’s not entirely true that we are paid for eight hours of work a day. A job is a second life, devotion, loyalty and sentiment. A deep faith and belief that your mission in a company / bank / institution is your main sense of existence. Time spent on activities of less importance is lost.

Nonsense, right? In addition, I am convinced that many employers would also find the above ridiculous. If the company assumes in advance that the work will be so boring that a potential employee would not be able to get involved, then maybe it is better to give up on such a job.

We are all aware that potential employers are browsing our social profiles to easily find out who we are. Indeed, there is a risk that someone will not like our artistic or sports successes, but do you really want to work for such a company?


  1. It is interesting that our social media accounts can caused concern about our character and abilities and in the eyes of other. I say if you are not doing anything that can cause undue harm or is illegal enjoy life. The right job is waiting for you. 🥰🥰

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