Squeaky Hinges

When I’m in Poland, I take a concept of “sitting at home” very seriously. And that means writing, reading, watching TV series, sitting by the fireplace and petting my cat, or a ladies-night with neighbours.

I shared this idyllic vision with a friend and heard that she didn’t like to sit at home, because “there is always something to do”. At work, spend every day on meetings, documents or make your hours, and is done. However, when you enter the house, you are immediately aware of how much more work you have there. There is always something to clean, a squeaky hinge, or somewhere under one of the furniture ominous lumps of dust.

I won’t fool anyone that my home doesn’t need cleaning. Of course, I have to face the challenge of maintenance and organization, because reading or writing in conditions unfavourable for life forms is not my way to boost creativity.

I will not mention that if someone lives with you, they have their share of duties. Terabytes of texts have already been already written on this subject.

Once, I just decided that at home I would feel good, I would gain energy and strength. I got rid of a lot of things I just didn’t like, thrown away old or broken appliances and it got better immediately. Then, I liked the squeaky hinges, because they are my lovely hinges, and they squeak because they are needed.

What do you think?

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