juan soriano torreador fragment

Devil is in details

The Devil is not so easy to understand. And the way the Devil approaches the details is rather quite interesting.

Recently, I took pictures of sculptures in the garden of Juan Soriano in a small town in Poland. The sculptures look great, but as a photographer I focused on their details. Images do not completely show how they look as a whole and this way quite different, surreal images were created.

In most cases, the Devil hides in nooks and crannies where unforeseen difficulties may arise. We want to do something, we plan something, and suddenly a seemingly small imp appears and creates big problems.

While taking photos, a thought crossed my mind that sometimes the opposite is true. The devil is tempting us to focus only on details. We look at a small fragment and let our imagination run wild. We build our own picture of the whole, which is usually far from reality.

For such photos, that’s very good. It’s pure pleasure to let your imagination run and think what might have been out of the picture. When assessing important life situations or people around us, this is probably not the best way. It is better to resist the Devil tempting us to focus on details, take a step back and see the whole.

What do you think?

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