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September, 2019

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I noticed that today is Olivia Netwon Jones’ birthday, the actress who played the lead role in “Grease“, loved by millions musical filmed in 1978.

Happy Birthday!


However, on this occasion I got the idea that the message of this musical is probably not quite ok.

In short (spoiler alert!):

the story goes that a pair of students meet on vacation and fall in love. After summer it occurs that they go to the same school.

She is beautiful, modest and cute. But he, at school, is no longer that nice boy from the beach, but a school tough guy, a charismatic alpha male.
The beautiful Sandy (Olivia) is rejected by Danny (John), mainly because the alpha herd expects their leader’s girlfriend to be a sex bomb.

The happy finale comes only when Sandy turns into a confident, sex vamp.

It has changed a bit since 1978, as at least one can express such opinions. And the movie is still worth seeing, if only to be able to agree with my opinion!

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