Be late for Something Day!

Aleksandra Rowicka
September, 2019

Happy Be late for Something Day!

Sometimes it’s good to be late for something. Isn’t it?

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You may approach the passage of time with distance and understanding.

It is better to get somewhere a little later but with a smile. It’s not the best idea to arrive sharp on time but breathless, dishevelled or in a bad makeup.

And believe me, I do hate to wait. Stupid five minutes stretches in time that runs slower and slower with each passing second.

Lack of punctuality is widely regarded as shameful. People who must wait usually feel offended and disregarded.

However, sometimes it is good to relax a bit, smile and not run against the clock.

Take a deep breath, check your hair in the mirror again, fix a tie, talk to a neighbour, pet a dog or a cat.

If you know you’re going to be late, send a text – “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”. It works very well for me – I know that the person I am waiting for is on a way, that he appreciates me waiting, and that I have 10 minutes for coffee or anything else.

It turns out that today is the “be late for something” day – a holiday that I think is quite pleasant.

There are things that we are absolutely not late for: a plane, a train, a date (mainly for guys), a job interview and to a theatre play. Nothing more comes to my mind today… 

Twirling Hair

Boredom must be interpreted as the time for Twirling Hair. In the sense that the best solution for boredom is to give yourself time for constructive unproductivity.

Well deserved cookie

Do you reach for a cookie or other healthy snack while working or studying? An intellectual mind burns more calories and likes sweets very much.

Achieving goals – being not that SMART

Set a goal and achieve it, be hard, or be condemned.  You set yourself a specific goal and tell yourself that unless you lose weight, you will not be happy, healthy, rich, etc.
So what to do? Do not lose weight? Yes, but in a slightly different way.

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