Where is Rat’s run finish line?

Aleksandra Rowicka
August, 2019

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Why do you want to be a President? Because parents expect it? To earn more and buy a jaw dropping car?

I fell into a trap of a rat race just because other rats ran too.

Overtime, horrible meetings, sometimes not very pleasant bosses, all to be at the forefront of an endless marathon.

It is important that your goal is really yours.

The road to it can be paved with challenges, but energy and motivation will not be lacking. I know that writing and photography make me happy, so no criticism or acrimony will discourage me.

Faces of people when I say that I like my project and do not plan to be a director? Priceless!

Squeaky Hinges

When I’m in Poland, I take a concept of “sitting at home” very seriously. And that means writing, reading, watching TV series, sitting by the fireplace and petting my cat, or a ladies-night with neighbours.

Spooky Nocturne at Tram Museum

It was well after dark and I have already started to get into Halloween spirit. Being in a spooky mood, I have visited the Tram Museum.

No time for hair twirling?

Have you got always more to do, never enough time to do it, and no time to calm down?
If you do just one thing, spend just 15 minutes more, you will be finally able to relax, right?


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