Just do it! How to take criticism

Aleksandra Rowicka
August, 2019
There is no point in starting anything new, because others are much further from you, have more experience, know more, etc. Well, I also consider it nonsense.

Do you know the saying that “the flower does not care for the other one, it just blossoms”? We have summer, so with the naked eye you can see that a lot of flowers look better than one, right?

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How many times have you heard that you have to be able to take criticism? I think that this cliché needs to be modified into: you should be able to take criticism selectively.

The world is big

and there is enough space for everyone. Your life is not a race, you can take a step in the right direction every day.

Once I got great advice: If you want to be a good photographer, do not compete with your colleagues, just take pictures. And it works! The best photo lesson I’ve had so far!

You need to be resistant to opinions of people who lack knowledge or are simply inherently nasty and snappy. It is often the case that once I put all my skills and knowledge into taking a picture, I know – just a split of a second after that – what I would do better. And no one has to voluntarily point out mistakes to me. Unless I ask for advice myself.


selectivity is not so easy.
An annoying remark can affect the artist and deprive him / her of inspiration for a long time. How to get immunized? You just have to practice and ask yourself each time whether the opinion of the person is important to you.

This is not about arrogance but about common sense. I also do not speak uninvited about the work of others and it’s much better!

Twirling Hair

Boredom must be interpreted as the time for Twirling Hair. In the sense that the best solution for boredom is to give yourself time for constructive unproductivity.

Well deserved cookie

Do you reach for a cookie or other healthy snack while working or studying? An intellectual mind burns more calories and likes sweets very much.

Achieving goals – being not that SMART

Set a goal and achieve it, be hard, or be condemned.  You set yourself a specific goal and tell yourself that unless you lose weight, you will not be happy, healthy, rich, etc.
So what to do? Do not lose weight? Yes, but in a slightly different way.

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