Do nothing, twirl your hair!

There is more to life than increasing its speed. – Ghandi

Are you one of these people who read each of 500 hundred emails they receive a day?

I hope not! If you do, please reconsider Try to do nothing instead. Here is why.

First let me share a practical detail about email (and I hope my boss doesn’t read it!). If something is really very important, you will receive remainders. They are easy to filter. Eventually people will just call you. ( to my boss: I do read all your emails.)

I think that many of us are not expected to be email answering machines as we are not paid per word typed.

When someone is very busy we often say “She runs like crazy.” And in such cases we do mean “insane” in a psychiatric context. Indeed, being bored may be good for our mental health. The author of an excellent article which was an inspiration for me, compared being obsessively busy to fast food. And we all know it is bad.

It is also the case, that busyness is used to block disturbing thoughts and feelings. This way, you may lose a connection with yourself. Many people have problems when asked what they really want in life. There is no problem to find gazillions of advices on how to do things faster or more efficiently. However to get advice on what you as a person should do, what will make you happy, is almost impossible.

Well, sometimes it may be scary. There are dark rooms in our brains, where we would prefer not to enter. When you do nothing and your thoughts fly freely, they may take you down the corridor to darkness. I suggest that it may be better to enter such a room and turn on the light. If you keep the door closed, these rooms are nothing but waist of your brain space.

Next time you find yourself running like crazy, why don’t you stop for a moment and do something totally different. For example sit down, twirl your hair and think about your perfect day in 10 years from now. Here I explained why and how. Delegate some hard work to your brain and it will come back to you in few hours with great ideas.

What do you think?

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