What’s up? All fine! (full stop)

Polish version

“What’s up?” – you hear a question and as a nice person, of course, you answer by sharing some recent event in your life. And sometimes after 30 seconds you regret it. After three sentences, a friendly colleague, throws at you all his opinions and advice on what you should do.

For example: “I decided to buy these new shoes in [any store name],” You take a pause to inhale, and suddenly a lecture begins on how you should buy shoes, or that in another store will be better, etc.

Even more interesting situations appear, for example, at work. At a meeting your boss asks about the progress of a project you are dealing with. If you mention incautiously that a problem has arisen, and a friendly person is nearby, woe!

Since you mention that there is a problem, it is obvious to a friendly person that you do not know how to solve it.

A moment comes when you have to take a breath or else you pass out, and it starts. You will be instructed in front of all colleagues and the boss what you should do.

More and more often I manage to avoid this trap. Well, first I identified a friendly person or people in my environment, and then questions like “What’s up?” I answer with a smile “All fine!” (full stop). Then, twirling my hair, I go away in an unknown direction.

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