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I will lose 5 kilos by the end of the year – this is my goal for 2019. Wait a second, why five? And four will not be good? Or six? Until December? And if I lose four till Nov the 15th, will I be dissatisfied?

I will, because it shows lack of perseverance, strong will, determination and other characteristics from this category.

Nonsense, right?

I’m writing today about setting goals, because it’s a pretty popular media thread. So set a goal and achieve it, be hard, or be condemned.  You set yourself a specific goal and tell yourself that unless you lose weight, you will not be happy, healthy, rich, etc.

So what to do? Do not lose weight? Yes, but in a slightly different way.

Setting goals, is often based on the very popular SMART method. According to SMART, in order for the goals to be good, they must be:

S – Simple; M – Measurable; A – Assessable; R – Realistic; T – Timebound

So, this is what we get:

S – lose weight; M – 5 kilos; A – permanently (for example without a yo-yo effect); R – others can so I can do it too (I have clear evidence on the Internet,  have you seen all these memes “before and after”?!); T – by the end of the year.

We launch a mechanism that tells us that unless you achieve the goal, we will not be happy, healthy, rich, etc. We are angry if we can not make it. Until you lose five kilos, your efforts will not be enough. And what if it will be four and a half?

Check my post “What will make you happy. First 5 steps“.

How can you improve yourself and your life in a different way? System. Let’s define behaviors and activities that will result in the desired effects.

If we are using the example of losing kilograms, introduce a healthy eating system. We do not go on a draconian diet to suffer for several weeks. After reading this blog, you can immediately for example drink an additional half a liter of water a day. And every day, when you do, you’ll be happy with yourself. Then you can try to eat a fruit dessert instead of a cake. And we have introduced another element of the system. Add going for a longer walk, exercises as much as possible, etc.

The effect is that:

– Every day brings progress

– You have every reason to be proud of yourself every day

– You stress less every day

Maybe you will not lose exactly five pounds by December. But you will do something good for yourself, and you may lose weight as a side effect.

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