Street Photography

Exploitation, cheap applause, sometimes feeding on the unhappiness of  homeless – recently I have read such opinions about street photography. I think that it has been written by those who fail to take a good photo, or those who have never tried.

I need to have a few hours off and be ready to walk for a few kilometres, even if I’m not sure that I can make at least one good photo. Have a camera with the right lens at all times in readiness. Maintain focus to see these exceptional moments and shoot them properly. Also I have to be ready for people’s reactions. Sometimes they are happy that I took a picture, sometimes less, but the smile soothes the situation.

After that afternoon, all energy is gone, but when I finally look at the pictures and find one that I like, I immediately feel like doing more.

I choose photos that show a story or emotions. I invite you to the gallery of several photos that I took during my last walk in Brussels at the end of June. This is the first edition of my street photos, stay tuned for more.

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