Twirling Hair

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There some moments when I take a pause, twirl my hair and wonder about things which in general are considered obvious.

I am looking at modern slogans, tips and a vision of what we should be and what is healthy, and I wonder if I am a complete failure, or maybe something is wrong here. I feel special, sometimes like some unexplained case of a person for whom modern regulations do not work.

For example, a slogan that everyone can do anything today. A widely promoted opinion about the omnipotence guaranteed by modern technologies and the development of humanity. However, each of us has only 24 hours a day and it is physically impossible to do anything. You must first know what you want and then choose how to use your time best, right? (more…)

The second example is that we set ourselves goals and if we achieve them we will be happy. So, before I lose these 5 kilos, I will be unhappy? However, I prefer to be happy now and at the same time lose weight at the rate that suits me best. (more…)

There are also other things that make me pause for a moment and twirl my hair – for example, cash register receipts (why do I need these papers, if I have a transaction in a bank application right away), or why should I go to the office every day just to spend most of my time in front of a PC anyway? So on the one hand, modern technologies give us amazing opportunities, and on the other hand we can not use them.

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